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During the Covid 19 world downtime, I’ve been working hard to bring my hidden creative aspirations to life through my many collections. I truly believe that a Fashion Designer must always look to the future and design with modern trends in mind, but also improve upon the styles of the past. Please take a look at some of my collections to see the work I’ve done! Over 500 Products 12' and growing Collections....

.CandyK's Boutique offers timeless and fashion-forward pieces, inspired by everyday beauty. My diverse line is represented by my hidden creative talent which developed from ideas into realities throughout my career as a Business Professional - Entrepreneur. My goal is to artistically create exclusive tote bag designs that each wearer can adapt to freely express their own unique and wonderful wardrobe STYLE!!!

Thank you for visiting our website; We truly hope you enjoy my creations..

                                                                Fashion Designer 'CandyK

                    Certified Homeless Womens Advocate & Humanitarian Consultant

Unique Fashion Brand
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